January - 2016
The project has reached its conclusion. The final results can now be found in the new result section.

August - 2015
The third newsletter is now available in DK, UK and FIN versions (more in the documents section)

March - 2015
Pilot Project files and schedules are now available in the documents section

The 2nd newletter is available in all languages in the documents section

November - 2014
The agenda for the meeting in Kuopio November 2014 is available now!
We are proud to announce that the official brochure from Leonardo da Vinci:
Automobility Modules for Vocational Education and Training in Europe is available right here!

New pictures from the last meeting, in Lithuania, in the pictures section. August - 2014
The first AutoMOVET newsletter is out!!
download here or in the documents section

May - 2014
AutoMOVET meeting in Kaunas
The AutoMOVET project group meets in Kaunas Lithuania 13. And 14. May to continue working with an ECVET system for the automotive education.



Country: Lithuania
Organization: Kaunas Technical College
Name: Aida Ilona Gruzinskiene
Telephone: +370 (37) 31 30 45
Mail: aida.gruzinskeiene@gmail.com

Country: Spain
Organization: San Viator
Name: Alfredo Garmendia
Telephone: +34 619 788 165
Mail: a.garmendia@sanviator.com

Country: Holland
Organization: ID college
Name: Bert Schuilingh
Telephone: +31 6 20 60 78 40
Mail: bschuilingh@idcollege.nl

Country: United Kingdom
Organization: Bridgwater College
Name: Jon Harding
Telephone: +44 07725206505

Country: Finland
Organization: Savo College
Name: Jaana Räsänen
Telephone: +35 8447853311
Mail: jaana.rasanen@sakky.fi

Country: Germany
Organization: Technische Universität Deutschland
Name: Markus Müller
Telephone: +49 8923335523
Mail: muller@tum.de

Country: Denmark
Organization: SDE (Southern Danish Technical College)
Name: Jørgen Seeberg
Telephone: +45 30 43 30 04
Mail: jse@sde.dk

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